Miracle Mornings – a little book with a big promise

While we are between houses, we have been staying in the rural depths of Somerset where phone and internet connection has been patchy, at best.

Fortunately, the weather has been fantastic so there have been lots of walks and al fresco meals.  I have taken this opportunity to start to realign my business and I’ve been engaged with lots of research and reading.

A little book that was recommended to me was The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  Now I don’t generally go in for self-help books but as I’m already a morning person I thought I’d give this one a read.  If the premise is to get up early every day then, what’s to lose, I’m already there for you Hal!

This week I settled down to read this little book that promises to transform every aspect of my life.   It’s an easy read so didn’t take long for me to plow through two-thirds of it.

I couldn’t wait to finish reading before getting started on my own miracle mornings. 

Today was Day One

Up at 6.00am to start work on……well, me!

I won’t spell out the whole routine – it’s for you to design your own.  Challenge extended!


All I will say is that I did things I’ve never done before!

  • Meditation (yes I can sit quietly, although a creatives brain is rarely quiet)
  • Yoga (with Adrienne is always a joy)
  • Affirmations (WTF)
  • Reading (finished the book)
  • Writing (Morning Pages, more on them another time)
  • Visualisation (basically a moodboard of dreams)

I spent an hour working through the routine while the house slept.  It was bliss and I can honestly say that I will be doing it again tomorrow and every day thereafter.

On occasions, it might look a little different but for the first 30 days, I will stick to the routine so that it firmly becomes a habit. 

There is a 6 minute version for those days when you just don’t have much time.

Feel free to check in with me to see if I’m sticking to the Miracle Morning routine and whether I am seeing any changes to my life, productivity and energy levels.

Miracle Morning

Have a great week everyone.  I’ll be getting up early and hanging out in the CREATIVE BLOCKBUSTING Group if you fancy a chat.

Jan x

p.s.  There’s a Miracle Morning app too.  It just gets better. 

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