Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive

It is so easy to feel that we are busy, especially if you’re a bit of a procrastinator like me. 
I can find any amount of tasks to do rather than knuckle down to do the one thing that really needs my attention. I even resort to housework – that’s when I know things have gone too far.
But I think I’m getting better thanks to time blocking, which I’ve recently been introduced to. I’m probably a bit late to the party but I love writing out my list of tasks for the week/month and blocking out time on my calendar specifically for them.
Today I blocked out 5 hours for golf and lunch (priorities!) a couple of hours of Social Media work (doing it now – tick) dinner and some reading later. I’m all over it!
I’m definitely feeling more productive and less busy – yay!
I have employed the most basic of Time Blocking methods and there other variations that might work too, for example – task batching or themed days.
If you would like to explore further check out Todoist


Time Blocking is a work in progress for me, especially when I’m painting and in the zone.  But it is definitely helping me be more productive – I’m even finding time to blog!

I have created a handy Daily Planner for you to download and try for yourself.  Have fun planning your most productive day ever.  

Back soon
J x