Are Artists More Observant?

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Earlier today I went out for a stroll as part of my new Miracle Morning routine.  As I turned a corner I spotted this golf ball embedded in the wall and it made me wonder how many people walk past it and never see it there. I know my husband has done several times, maybe he’s just not interested enough to mention it.

Anyway, it got me thinking about artists and whether we see the world differently from other people.  I certainly believe we notice things that others often ignore. We can find joy in ordinary things that others find boring and when we learn to draw or paint we do start looking at the world differently.

I expect you find that you pay attention to shadows, light, colours, texture, and patterns. These things become like a filter through which we see the world.  We study and analyse objects and don’t take them for granted.

So, yes I think we are more observant. 

But this leads on to another question. . . . 

Did I spot the ball because I’m an artist or a golfer?

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