Once a Painter, Always a Painter

posted in: ART

It's funny how life goes round in circles

When I moved house 17 years ago I gave up a home where I had a purpose-built studio in my garden.  It was in a great spot and had plenty of space for me and my big canvases. It can get a bit splashy!

When we moved I had returned to work and thought that my commercial painting days were over.  It wasn’t long before my creative itch started and that’s when I decided to do an Art & Design Access course at a local college.  I thought it would be an opportunity to have access to a studio, learn some new techniques and meet other creatives.  Well, it turned out to be the most amazing year and lead me to going on to do a degree in Interior Textiles & Surface Design and subsequently find myself pivoting my career into  design.

As we are soon to be moving to somewhere with a bit more space my thoughts have been returning to painting. 
When I last painted social media wasn’t much of a thing so I have taken some time to find as many images of my sold paintings as I can to create a small gallery.  As I create more I’ll add them too.

It will be interesting to see how much my style has been affected by my design experience.

Watch this space!